Eye-Catching Signage and Window Graphics Printing for Strandbags

Strandbags is an established Australian seller of own-brand and designer bags and wallets. With roots deeply planted in Australian and New Zealand soil for the past 94 years, its niche offerings from more than 300 stores have made Strandbags a beloved brand name in the luxury retail world.

Custom jobs in capable hands

For the past nine years, Strandbags has been calling on Bright Print Group for promotional products, including eye-catching window graphics. With the brand’s needs changing as seasons come and go, we have always been a loyal printing partner at the forefront of delivering new products, coming up with brilliant innovations and helping Strandbags achieve their goals for a unified, on-brand look across all their stores.

Bright Print Group produces store magnetic signage, product stands and window graphics and decals for Strandbags’ window displays.

Rina McBride, Visual Merchandising Manager at Strandbags, finds absolute comfort in the fact that their store branding and promotional material are in the capable hands of Bright Print Group.

We’ve recently had a lot of changes in our store design and changes in our operations. So, our printing needs have also changed. But it’s such a relief to know that we can consistently rely on Bright Print Group, no matter how many changes we go through,” says Rina.

Rina is especially proud of the recent clever design and production of a product stand.

Our needs were very specific. We had to come up with a design for a temporary stand that needed to be placed in our stores and out again a couple of months later. But this stand needed to be easily assembled.”

Rina, together with our production team, worked on different prototypes and designs until they found the perfect solution.

I was massively impressed. They came back to me with the most idiot-proof stand imaginable. It’s been so easy for our team to install this stand in all our stores. Although this was only one product with a short lifespan, for Bright Print Group, this wasn’t just a two minute job. They’ve put so much thought and effort into creating the perfect solution and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

We also designed and printed a unique press pad for over-the-counter transactions, which Strandbags uses in each of its stores.

This product might seem small, but to have it perfectly fit for its function presented a challenge. Bright Print Group understood the brief very well and came up with a press pad that does the job beautifully,” says Rina.

Never missed a deadline

The nature of the retail industry calls for regular updates to store signage and promotional material that needs to be rolled out in a short time period.

For Rina, tight deadlines have never been a problem when working with us at Bright Print Group. “They’re so easy to deal with, and no problem is ever too big for them to tackle.”

When a job needs to be done within a short period of time, we have delivered to Rina bang on time every time – or even ahead of the deadline in some cases. “The thing is, I always feel comfortable talking to them because they’ve solved so many problems for me.

Plus, they’re easy to talk to. I’ve worked with Sarah Hatzimarkou, Account Manager. You get the sense of their family values and how they’ve incorporated that in their business,” says Rina.

A lasting impression

As part of her job, Rina works with a lot of different people across various sectors every day. She finds us unique in our availability and in our ability to deliver workable solutions in the quickest possible time.

Bright Print Group is certainly easy to deal with and always friendly. I can’t speak highly enough of them. It’s difficult to walk away from a company that always meets your needs and has your back. Bright Print Group is one of them.”

Whether you’re in the retail business or positioned elsewhere, at Bright Print Group we understand that quick turnaround times for retail signage and window graphics printing are important to you and your business. Whatever the need – we’ll make it happen for you. Talk to us; we’re here to help.

Broad Range of Printing Services

Our complete range of printing services include point of sale material, business collateral, promotional material, kitting and distribution, books and publications and flyers and brochures. A high level of daily coordination exists between both our production sites – at Wetherill Park and Newcastle – maximising all our resources. By having tight control over our quality and production schedules internally, we save you both time and money.