We Care for Our Community

At Bright Print Group, we believe that it is our responsibility as a family business and reputable printing company to give back to the community. We support a range of charities with financial and in-kind assistance… as well getting involved!

Turn the Tables

Mama Lana’s Community Foundation works tirelessly through its Turn the Tables initiative, providing healthy meals to members of our community who are experiencing challenging times.

But their vision focuses on so much more. Turn the Tables provides both long and short-term solutions, including:

  • Hot meals six nights a week
  • Toiletry packs, sleeping bags and blankets
  • Liaison with Centrelink, Penrith Council and the Department of Housing to support people who need a voice

We’ve supported Turn the Tables for several years now and have just renewed our commitment for another 3 years. Our help will allow MLCF to continue improving their dining and kitchen facilities and a safe space where people can come for advice and support. We are happy to be contributing so the foundation can make a bigger and more significant difference in the community.

Police & Community Youth Club

Police & Community Youth Club

Police & Community Youth Club (PCYC) is a non-profit organisation which, in partnership with NSW police, aims to reduce and prevent youth crime, develop character and promote leadership skills and physical activity.

The PCYC runs over 65 clubs across the state where young people can enjoy a wide range of sports, arts and recreational activities in a safe environment. A number of resources and specially designed programs help PCYC police work closely with at-risk youth to prevent crime and repeat offences.

For many years, the majority of staff at Bright Print Group have had donations deducted from their weekly wage to help support the valuable work the PCYC does.

Cancer Council’s ‘The Longest Day’

‘The Longest Day’ sets the gruelling challenge of 72 holes of golf in one day. Teams need to successfully complete four rounds of golf from dawn to dusk. The goal is to raise vital funds needed for the Cancer Council’s research, prevention and support services.

Bright Print Group has made the most of the golfing prowess within its ranks to regularly field a team!

By being part of this great day, we help to raise money towards initiatives such as the SunSmart School program and $500 000 for Melanoma Research Grants and dermatoscopes provided to GPs for early skin cancer detection.

We are proud to support a cause that has unfortunately touched too many of our lives, and the competitive nature of our BPG golfers allows us to raise over $10 000 when they hit the green!

Jeans for Genes

Bright Print Group has long been a supporter of CMRI (Children’s Medical Research Institute) and Jeans for Genes.

Our staff members enthusiastically support the sale of merchandise and make generous donations each year.

This year we have become a ‘Fight with Five’ member, acting as a molecule in the strand of virtual DNA made up by companies that have pledged $5000 to find ‘cures for the incurable’.

One in 20 children face a birth defect or genetic disease, making life not only difficult for them but also for their families. This money goes to the 170 scientists working on life changing therapy and treatment, not just for our local community but to benefit our global community.

Grace Centre

Grace Centre

The Grace Centre for Newborn Intensive Care is a specialised unit where premature babies and critically ill infants with serious cardiac and surgical disorders are treated.

As part of The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, Grace leads the way in neonatal developmental care with babies flown in from across NSW, ACT and the Pacific Rim for treatment.

Bright Print Group has supported the Grace Centre for many years, printing programs and collateral for the Grace Gala Ball and with generous donations to help the amazing work done in this unit.

In recent years, the survival rate of the Grace Centre has increased to 97%. Despite this incredible effort, much more research and work are to be done. We are privileged to be able to lend our assistance and resources to such a worthwhile cause.


At Bright Print Group, we believe in partnering with our stakeholders to foster healthy communities. Talk to us if you are interested in being involved.

Broad Range of Printing Services

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