Promeg goes 100% Carbon Neutral

Bright Print Group are always looking for environmental alternatives. Wide Format substrates have been a focus for us since early last year; we’re keen to give our clients options wherever we can.

A polypropylene stock we’ve been using for some time has achieved 100% Carbon Neutral status. Promeg is produced and recycled by Megara in Victoria.

It’s a great story about companies making positive changes…

Plenty of windmill


As a plastics manufacturer, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to keep the planet clean and green. So, as the proud owner of the title, “World’s First Carbon Neutral Plastic Sheet”, we have decided that ALL of our Promeg sheet should be carbon neutral from 2020.

How do we do it? We work with The Carbon Reduction Institute, purchasing carbon credits to create a more sustainable future. Currently, our credits are being used to create wind power to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Here in the suburb of Bayswater, Victoria, we both manufacture and recycle our Promeg sheet. We are proud to remain an Australian manufacturer, while sadly, we’ve seen many businesses move to importing products from overseas.

Recycling all of our post-industrial material – and much of our customers’ waste – is a big part of who we are. In order to go still further along the path of providing environmentally responsible products, we’ve now committed to the offsetting of carbon emissions across our entire Promeg sheet range.

Join us by doing your bit. Let your clients know that you’re using a carbon neutral material, and get the message out there that not all plastic is bad news.

Want to see us in action? Watch our YouTube video here.

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