Embellishments & Die Cutting

Embellishments add a point of difference to your marketing material. As one of the many printing solutions we offer, explore our die cutting and embellishment options.

Colorful brochure

Adding embellishments

Let your clients not only see – but also feel – the quality of your brand with our sophisticated and creative embellishment techniques. A beautiful tactile experience can be powerful.

Several studies have explored the power of touch in marketing and the influence it has on its audience to make purchasing decisions. Print has the clear advantage here – cleverly applied foils, finishes and effects can create an impressive sensory experience.

We can help you with printing solutions your client will consider and retain far longer than a piece of digital marketing in a highly saturated environment.

Uniquely shaped paper trays

Custom die cutting

Our design team can help you create a die-line or knife-line for custom die cutting projects, or advise you if you are creating your own.

Die cutting can be used for a number of pieces – business collateral such as presentation folders, custom packaging and boxes for high end retail or health and beauty, or specialty shapes for flyers and brochures or books and publications.

Our team of printing experts can help you make the right decisions, advising you on the embellishment and die cutting options we offer. Talk to us today about how we can help your business stand out.

Printing Partner Case Studies

Magazine printing solutions for byDesign Graphics

They are never, ever late with an order. And they’re always available. Together we can always find a solution for every challenge.”

Luxury point of sale print material for Polytec

“Bright Print is easy to deal with and they always keep me up to date. They go out of their way to get the job done.”

Tailored in-store marketing solutions for Strandbags

“It’s such a relief to know that we can consistently rely on Bright Print Group, no matter how many changes we go through.”

Bespoke packaging for Wolfenbear Grooming Products

We designed and delivered bespoke packaging for our client Wolfenbear, which sells a range of luxury beard oil products for men.