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byDesign Graphics Managing Director Linda Gunek prides herself in delivering exceptional, personalised service to her clients. As a graphic designer, she understands the importance of ongoing, clear communication with her clients and timely delivery of goods. That’s why she didn’t expect any less when she searched for a reliable company to offer her the best magazine printing services for the printing of her lifestyle magazines. Bright Print Group was the obvious choice in printing partner.

The perfect product

The level of service we’ve received from Debbie and her team at Bright Print Group cannot be replicated. I’ve had numerous enquiries from other printers asking to take my business there, but I’ll never print anywhere else,” says Linda.

Linda works closely with Bright Print Group’s Debbie Burgess on regular large print orders of 86-page premium lifestyle magazines.

Linda appreciates the quick turnaround time for each order and our exceptional client service.

They are never, ever late with an order. And they’re always available. Together we can always find a solution for every challenge – no matter how big or small. When Debbie can’t provide an immediate answer, she’ll find someone in the team who can and facilitate a workable solution.

I always know that Debbie and her team have my back. If there is ever an issue with a job, we have strategic conversations and find solutions.”

Above and beyond

At Bright Print Group, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for their clients. Linda couldn’t agree more.

Debbie has offered to help me out with storage, due to limited space at my premises. From her warehouse, she would arrange for transport to the distribution house, and the rest would be delivered to my doorstep. She really does love helping people. She’s a genuine person who likes to be of assistance as much as she possibly can. And I’ve seen her extend this type of caring service to her other clients, too. She’s absolutely phenomenal.”

The level of personalised service Linda has received from Debbie and the team took away a layer of stress in the process of producing magazines of only the highest quality for her clients.

They’re extremely knowledgeable. They will check every single detail, and if they find a glitch, the guys in pre-press would flag it. This is the type of added level of service that appeals to me, and that’s why I wouldn’t ever take my business elsewhere.”

A trusted partner

Linda highly values working with a service provider that she can fully trust.

For byDesign to deliver timely, high quality solutions to their clients, Linda has to choose her service providers with utmost care, in order to ensure on time delivery.

I fully trust Bright Print Group with any project. Debbie is honest, highly principled and one heck of a businesswoman. I always knew that she and her team had my back.”

Linda’s main takeaway: “If you want a high quality print job done by a reliable company, Bright Print Group is the right place. They have traditional family values and a well deserved, phenomenal reputation that’s been built over a century.”

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Broad Range of Printing Services

Our complete range of printing services include point of sale material, business collateral, promotional material, kitting and distribution, books and publications and flyers and brochures. A high level of daily coordination exists between both our production sites – at Wetherill Park and Newcastle – maximising all our resources. By having tight control over our quality and production schedules internally, we save you both time and money.