Mailing & Data Management

Our mailing and data management services take the drama out of distributing your printed material and publications. As a value-add to our other printing solutions, we offer you complete management of your print, data management and mailing.

Mailing services

We have the capability and equipment to do both large and small-scale mail projects. We can complete ‘dumb’ or ‘intelligent’ inserting (dumb – insertion of generic items, and intelligent – data matching multiple addressed items). Using barcodes printed onto multiple items, our intelligent mailing kit allows for the inbuilt scanner to pick up any mismatched barcodes, automatically stopping the machine to correct the insertion process.

Our CMC Practica inserter and plastic wrapper is a four-station inserter plus booklet feeding mailing line. We can handle the efficient insertion of flysheets on top or the insertion of flyers within a publication… all plastic wrapped and ready for lodgement with Australia Post. We also offer:

PCYC sample mails
  • Addition of DPID Barcodes (for mail cost discounts)
  • Data management
  • De-duplication of files
  • Merging of data files
  • High quality ink-jet or laser printing of envelopes or flysheets
  • Personalisation of letters

Database management

Whether you are looking for digital print or mailing services, we have sophisticated and secure database management capabilities to ensure you get the best results.

At Bright Print Group, we are experienced with handling highly confidential information on behalf of our clients for both transactional mail and marketing material. Our facilities are securely monitored 24/7.

Send the right message with Bright Print Group

We can take care of your mailing and data management needs. We have the capability and experience to deliver secure and excellent results every time.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can streamline your mailing and data management processes as part of our printing solutions.

Printing Partner Case Studies

Magazine printing solutions for byDesign Graphics

They are never, ever late with an order. And they’re always available. Together we can always find a solution for every challenge.”

Luxury point of sale print material for Polytec

“Bright Print is easy to deal with and they always keep me up to date. They go out of their way to get the job done.”

Tailored in-store marketing solutions for Strandbags

“It’s such a relief to know that we can consistently rely on Bright Print Group, no matter how many changes we go through.”

Bespoke packaging for Wolfenbear Grooming Products

We designed and delivered bespoke packaging for our client Wolfenbear, which sells a range of luxury beard oil products for men.