Paper - Loved by Human Senses

Woman lying on grass reading book

By: Helen Moster

You can feel and smell paper. You can hear it when the pages of a newspaper are turned. These sensations aid your memory. In the current world of state-of-the-art technology, we increasingly need something to touch: paper.

Believe it or not, the type of media and the reading method matter.

Different media invoke different kinds of sensations, and the more senses triggered, the better the human memory works.

You can remember a card you got from a friend so well because when you read it, you used not only your sight but also your sense of touch and perhaps even your sense of smell.You are less likely to remember the news you read this morning, particularly if you read it on a screen.

This is because you only used one of your senses – sight.

What’s more, you didn’t read the news in the same way that you read the card: you quickly skimmed through the headlines and maybe even only read the first paragraph of each article while replying to your most urgent e-mails, logging into your intranet and posting the results of last night’s game on Facebook. Instead of focusing your attention on one thing, reading and working become combined.

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